Steven and Jeff get ready for the final push to the playoffs. Steven is still only playing at 70% but with Jeff going away for the Thanksgiving holidays, the guys needed to do another show this week. First they cover the NFL News and talk about Matt Schaub being hospitalized with a knee bursa sac problem, Tom Brady missing Wednesday practice again and the stupid drunken Browns fan that tackled an 8-year old kid after the Jets at Browns game. Really?

The guys then answer questions that you, the listeners, posted on Twitter and Facebook. This is the guys great idea to get you all involved. This weeks questions included stuff like, “Should Michael Vick be considered for MVP?”, “What will the Eagles do with Vick and Kevin Kolb?”, “Are the Rams a potential playoff team?” and “What are the early predictions on Jeff’s new team for next year?” Plus many others. Make sure you check NFLRandR on Twitter and Facebook to get your questions in for the next show.

The guys spend the last hour going over their picks for all 16 games in Week 11 as the NFL says good-bye to byes. The guys differ on five games this week as Steven tries to catch up to Jeff. Steven goes out on a limb and takes the Houston Texans to upset the NY Jets, and Jeff quickly pounces on that game to make it the Challenge Game. You can’t blame Jeff as he is two games back in the Challenge Game Score.