Steven and Jeff finish looking at the NFC team needs for the upcoming draft with a bit shorter show. The guys discuss the latest NFL news, including the league’s $1 million donation to the Boston University School of Medicine for the study of brain injuries. They also discuss the latest sexual allegations case against Colts DL Eric Foster and Steven and Jeff give some advise to these young stars.

The guys talk about WR Torry Holt getting signed by the Patriots, the Vikings re-signing of QB Tavaris Jackson and the latest involving Commissioner Roger Goodell and QB Ben Roethlisberger.

Steven and Jeff then tackle the NFC South and NFC West and what each team in those divisions might be looking to do in the upcoming draft. Steven thinks that Tampa Bay may be looking to trade down as they might not be able to afford the #3 pick overall in the draft, and both guys agree that Rams need a whole lot of help and that drafting a quarterback might not be in their best interests.

Plus the guys give you step by step instructions on how to get a gravatar and add it to your comments on the site.