Remember those ESPN reports yesterday claiming Mike Shanagan was most likely going to wind up in Kansas City? Well, completely forget those.

Not only has Chris Mortenson significantly updated his report and Adam Schefter shot it down, but now, Peter King of has a source claiming that Shanahan will not coach anywhere in 2009, including with the Chiefs.

Most, including me, expected this from the instant Shanahan was fired by the Broncos. He'll be well paid for doing absolutely nothing, and can take a year off from the grind of coaching in the NFL. However, we should see him back rather quickly, maybe as soon as 2010. As King notes, many coaches will be on the hot seat next season with Shanahan possibly wanting to get back into the NFL.

And, on a less important note, I might stop trusing ESPN and Mortenson. It seems most of the big stories they get the first get scoops on are increasingly becoming inaccurate.