As expected, new Chiefs' GM Scott Pioli fired coach Herm Edwards today. Edwards simply did not get the job done in his tenure with Kansas City, and may not be a head coach in this league.

The big, big, big surprise comes with this: ESPN's Chris Mortenson is reporting that Kansas City is close to a deal with Mike Shanahan. There was some speculation that Shanahan could end up with the Chiefs, but those reports were quickly put down. Apparently, they shouldn't have been.

I really cannot believe that Shanahan would go to Kansas City considering he wanted to go to a serious contender. Maybe, with mass defensive improvement, the Chiefs could be a sleeper team in '09.

This tells me that Mike might be a little ticked off at his former team, the Denver Broncos, for not allowing him to keep his full control of the team and letting him go. He'll certainly have a chance to get revenge with at least two games a year against them; those should  be fun to watch.

I'll have more thoughts on this later.