In order for the Minnesota Vikings to not only easily get into the playoffs in the 2009 season but also advance far in to it, two things absolutely must happen: coach Brad Childress and quarterback Tavaris Jackson must go, or in Jackson's case, be benched.

Childress had too much to work with to allow a one-and-done loss in the playoffs, in which they barely got in despite playing in the third weakest division in football. He has two very good running backs, an offense capable of putting many points on the board, and a defense that, at times, plays very well.

He just doesn't seem to be taking the next step with the Vikings, and for that reason, I feel it's time for the organization to move on and hire a new head coach who would be able to take them to the next level, being a serious threat in the NFC playoffs.

Jackson, in his third year, doesn't appear to have the smarts, mindset or poise that is required to be an effective NFL quarterback in not just the regular season, but postseason. I understand there are games, sometimes even months, when he looks like a potential star, such as the game in Arizona, but he just is not consistent enough to be the signal-caller for a championship-caliber club.

It is possible to win with him; after all, I am calling for Childress's head for not doing just that. However, for Minnesota to have a much better chance in the playoffs, they need to find someone other than Jackson, who will keep a clear head even in tricky, important situations.

Unfortunately, with the Eagles sudden burst to the playoffs and now the second round, a target they were considering a couple of months ago, Donovan McNabb, is no longer expected to be available. Maybe, someone like Kurt Warner can be acquired via free agency to lead to team to better things.

Overall, it was a decent season for the Vikings considering their recent playoff draught, but they could have achieved more with these two out of the picture, and two more qualified people in their place.