The Week 5 preview is continued with the 4:00-15 EST games:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos

Two teams going in opposite directions face off at Mile High Stadium. When the Bucs have the ball, the obvious mismatch is that of Tampa's running game, with Earnest Graham, against Denver's poor run defense. Last week, the defense let Larry Johnson run wild which led to the team's loss. Although Jon Gruden may want him to, Brian Griese shouldn't have to do much in this game.

If Jay Cutler can get time, he'll pick any defense apart, even this Tampa Bay one. He's just become too good and has too many weapons to be stopped. The key will be protecting him and getting a decent run game going. This should be a close, high-scoring affair, one which I believe the Bucs will end up winning. Denver absolutely needs to shore up that run defense, and I just don't think their offense will be able to overcome the other side's errors.


Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys

Coming off a stunning and frustrating loss to the Redskins at home, the Cowboys will look to get back on track against the 0-4 Bengals. Regardless of TO wanting the ball more, something I find to be ridiculous, Dallas will beat Cincy's D by running the football more with Marion Barber on the inside and Felix Jones bouncing it outside. The Bengals' defense has been surprisingly good against the pass but bad stopping the run, something that the Cowboys will hopefully be able to take advantage of, not taking TO's ego and words into account.

Carson Palmer is expected to play in this one. However, I'm not sure how much he'll be able to do behind a bad offensive line with virtually no running game. Getting Chris Henry back will help some, but not nearly enough to keep the Bengals from going 0-5, a dreadful start to the season. As I've said about three times, this game shouldn't even be close.


Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals

In what could be a potential high-scoring match-up, the undefeated Bills go into Arizona. Kurt Warner will be looking to bounce back from his three-interception game against the Jets. It won't be as easy with Anquan Boldin out, but he should still be able to have a good day with cornerback Terrence McGee probably not playing.

The Cardinals defense struggled against the Jets last week (just look at that score!!!). It will certainly be another test this week, as Trent Edwards is playing very well and has more than enough weapons to put some points on the board. I expect Marshawn Lynch to have a solid day when Buffalo shies away from the passing game, if they ever do. I'm a little sqeemish on this pick, as I really do think Warner will have his way with the Bills' defense, but I'll say they remain undefeated.


New England Patriots @ San Francisco 49er's

Coming off a shocking loss to the Dolphins, the Pats will look to regain their good play against the 'Niners. I don't know what is going on with their defense. Last game, they gave up four rushing touchdowns to Ronnie Brown. Hopefully, for their sake, offensive coordinator Mike Martz lets Frank Gore run the football; if he does, they should find success offensively. However, knowing Mike, he'll see what JT O'Sullivan does before handing the ball off the Gore 20+ times.

Matt Cassel struggled against Miami, getting sacked four times, throwing a pick, and completeing about 60% of his passes. He'll be facing a 49er's secondary that struggles at times, though, and should be able to find Randy Moss for the big plays and Wes Welker for the short ones. The Patriots haven't and will not solve all of their many problems yet, but following a buy, I think Hoodie will have them playing fairly well, not allowing an explosion on the ground and opening up the passing game for Cassel.

PATRIOTS 19, 49ER's 13