Here are some minor notes and pieces of news to finish off the pre-MLB playoff day. (By the way, I've never seen an NFL playoff as lopsided as the one going on now)

  • Although Chargers' linebacker Stephen Cooper will play a lot tomorrow against Miami, coach Norv Turner isn't sure if he'll start or not, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Copper has missed the first four games of the season because of a suspension. It's always nice to get someone so talented back, especially after losing someone like Shawn Merriman.
  • The AP on reports that Cardinals' receiver Anquan Boldin underwent surgery to fix a fractured facial bone from a hit last week against the Jets, one that I did feel was unnecessary and fairly subject to punishment. Although it is serious surgery, a player can come back very soon from it. Who knows, maybe Boldin can come back sometime in October.
  • According to, former Jaguars and now Steelers' quarterback Byron Leftwich shared some information about his old team. I doubt this helps much and decides the outcome of the game, but in the NFL, any slight advantage must be taken seriously.
  • After being out the first two months of his NFL career with a back injury, Chicago's first-round pick Chris Williams has been cleared to fully participate in practice, says the Chicago Sun Times. Williams had been going in limited action on the practice-field. He probably won't play on Sunday, but he could possibly suit up sometime this month. The Bears could certainly use the depth.