How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back Fast – Against coach Marvin Lewis's wishes, troubled receiver Chris Henry was brought back to the Bengals in August. He hasn't played yet, though, due to a four-game suspension to begin the season.

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ill change Sunday against the Cowboys, reports, as Henry has been activated and should play.

We don't know how much of an impact Chris will be able to make. He barely played in the preseason, hasn't practiced an overwhelming amount of time after missing training camp, and doesn't seem to be any stronger. However, facing a knocked-up Dallas secondary, he could use his size and speed to make some plays. I doubt he becomes the third receiver immediately, but he should see some snaps and even get one or two long-balls thrown his way, assuming Carson Palmer starts.

He knows this is his last chance, so his work ethic should be solid ( a huge improvement for him). It'll be interesting to see how he does tomorrow.

To make room on the roster for him, running back Kenny Watson was cut.

Watson has a minor injury that has disallowed him from getting his usual workload, so he might be resigned next week, as this could be a move just to clear up some space that would be wasted on gameday. Still, releasing a hard-working, good-attitude guy like Watson who has produced won't sit well with Cincinnati fans, and will hurt the Bengals' image even more, if that's possible.

The Bengals will have Chris Perry, James Johnson, and recently signed Cedric Benson against Dallas as running backs.