The Good
5 Teams fighting for a playoff spot.
It is simply amazing that all 5 teams that needed to win this week to secure their playoff spot, actually took care of business and won their respective games. Pittsburgh, Carolina, Washington, Tampa Bay and the New York Giants all posted Ws when the playoffs were on the line.

Usually one or more teams playing with this kind of pressure fails and loses the big game, but not this season. Yes, granted the combined records of the 5 opponents was 26-54 for a mere .325 winning percentage, but they still had to go out and take care of business. That’s why they play the games!

The good thing about them all winning is we don’t have to hear reporters saying “Such and such a team, ‘Backed into the playoffs’!”

The Bad
Bad injury for Drew Brees.
You hate to see something bad happen to a nice guy. You especially hate to see something bad happen to a nice guy when the outcome of the game has no meaning. I am a huge proponent of playing hard even after you have been eliminating from the playoffs, and in this case, Drew Brees has become my poster boy for players that play hard no matter what the situation is.

The bad here is not that Drew Brees was playing hard in game that meant nothing to the Chargers season, but the injury the befell him for giving his all in such a game. Thanks for playing hard Drew, and we wish you a safe and speedy recovery from your shoulder injury.

The Ugly
Teams that pack it in late when the season is over.

For all those teams that did not give 100% effort in their final game – and you know who you are, shame on you! Maybe there is a reason your season ended early – if you do not give your all when nothing matters, how can we count on you to give your all when it all matters!

For those teams and players I have one thing to say, “See Drew Brees above.”