The Good

Not to be a cliché, but this weeks good is the entire New Orleans Saints team. They found a way to win. In the wake of the Katrina tragedy, it was an awesome feeling to root and cheer for a team that has been displaced. I picked them to win the game and they came through. The Saints actually led for most of the game, but Carolina tied it late in the fourth quarter, but left enough time for Aaron Brooks to march down the field and allow John Carney to kick the game winning 47-yard field goal as time expired.

Cheers to Saints Fans
This was a great boost for the Saints and the survivors of the hurricane. This should certainly lift their spirits. And I believe that the Saints season will be on the rise because of this win and hopefully it will help New Orleans area feel a little proud, if only for a little while.

The Good Part II

Four years after the terrorist attacks against the US on New York City and Washington DC on 9/11, the New York football Giants put a beat down on the Arizona Cardinals. Maybe the Giants knew what they were doing as they shipped Kurt Warner to Arizona and started Eli Manning.

The Bad

Pennington Fumble!
Oh those New York Jets! It has been a long time since the Jets used the shotgun formation – since 2000 to be exactly. Well maybe they should have continued to leave it out of their formations as center Kevin Mawae and QB Chad Pennington fumbled three exchanges. Two of them came when Pennington was in shotgun formation.

As it turned out, one snap was low and Pennington could not handle it. He was able to pick it up and throw a 14-yard gain to Curtis Martin. However another one was way high over Chad’s head, to tall for Shaq to handle, much less the 6 foot 3 inch Pennington.

Some advise Jets, the QB/center exchange is the most basic of things in football, either get it right or forget the shotgun formation. I’ve got you winning the East for crying out loud!

Just a side note for those of you who might not know what the shotgun formation is, this is an offensive formation where the QB stands about 4 to 5 yards behind the center as opposed to right up under him. The center must hike the football by tossing the ball between his legs those 4 to 5 yards to the QB.

The Ugly

The much-touted Minnesota Vikings were defeated at home by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-13. The Vikings were not impressive in their season opener, but Dante Culpepper was horrible. Not only did he throw 3 interceptions, but he also fumbled the ball away twice. Ouch!!! So much for the “We won’t miss Randy Moss.” talk.

The Ugly Part II

The Eagles – Eagles – Eagles! First off all, you get your starting linebacker thrown out of the game before the game even starts. However, the problem with the Eagles was not that Jeremiah Trotter was off the field, it was with their offense. They only had 55 rushing yards, they were 3 for 12 on 3rd down and they committed 3 turnovers. I said it on the show, the Eagles might win the East, but its going to be much harder than the past 4 years.

A Fight! A Fight!