2016 Challenge Game

The classic NFL Rants & Raves Challenge Game that started several years ago on the show. For a third consecutive year, Steven is putting up his picks against the fans every week. Each week, one fan gets to put his weekly picks up against Steven’s, and this year, Executive Producer and good friend of the show, Jeremy Parker is acting as the fans body. As always, when Steven and the fan disagree on a game, a challenge game is selected. The loser of the previous week’s challenge game gets to select the current week’s challenge game. At the end of the year, if the fans win more Challenge Games than Steven, they will get to select a punishment that Steven will have to perform for all to see and Jeremy will dish out the punishment. If Steven wins, Jeremy will take the punishment on the fans behalf. Will the fans get get the victory? Here we go.

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Week Steven Fans Details


Packers Giants Steven 8 – Fans 10 (Wild Card fan – John Carroll)
Steven needs three straight wins to make the Super Bowl count. Can he do it. It starts this week as he takes Green Bay to win at home.The Packers started slow, but they picked it up including another Hail Mary TD from Rodgers to Cobb.


Ravens Bengals Steven 7 – Fans 10 (Week 17 fan – Derek Hanlan)
The Scottish Assassin is back to try and hand Steven another Challenge Game loss. This time he picks the Bengals to give Steve his 2nd back-to-back Cincinnati game failure. Ravens packed it in early and the Scottish Assassin stikes again.


Bengals Texans Steven 7 – Fans 9 (Week 16 fan – Ricahrd Callahan)
It was time for the fans to finally pick a challange game and Richard took Houston at home over the Benglas. Steven believes Cincinnati will play hard to end the season and ruin the Texans playoff chances. In the end, the Bengals botched a 43-yard field goal to give the Texans and the fans the win.


Colts Vikings Steven 7 – Fans 8 (Week 15 fan – Katy Harris)
Steven finally stopped the bleeding. After five consecutive losses, he used the Colts beat down of the Vikings to get back to the winning side. The Vikings never had a chance losing 34-6 and now the fans get to pick the Challenge Game. Back to one game separation. Jeremy must be felling good right now.


Cowboys Giants Steven 6 – Fans 8 (Week 14 fan – Erik Case)
Steven felt confident that the Cowboys would avenge their only loss of the season and defeat the Giants. Instead he got nothing but disappointment as the Cowboys only managed 7 points in their 2nd loss of the season. Steven has now lost 5 consecutive Challenge Games and is now 2 games back. OUCH!


Falcons Chiefs Steven 6 – Fans 7 (Week 13 fan – John Edward)
The Chiefs burned Steven again, this time by using the Falcons two-point conversion attempt against them as Eric Berry intercepted Matt Ryan and retuned it for two points the other way and giving the Chiefs a two point win. Steven is getting a little tired of ending up on the losing side of a game dominiated by his side. Horrible.


Broncos Chiefs Steven 6 – Fans 6 (Week 12 fan – Robert Solis)
Steven was tempted to make Dallas the Challenge Game, but instead he decided to go against the team that burned him last week, the Chiefs. Unfortunately he got too cute with his pick as the Cowboys defeated the Redskins with ease and the Chiefs beat the Broncos in OT just as time ran out. He couldn’t even get the tie. That’s three straight losses for Steven.


Chiefs Buccaneers Steven 6 – Fans 5 (Week 11 fan – Greg Campbell)
Can Tampa Bay win at Kansas City? YES They can. Not only did Steven pick the Chiefs here in the Challenge game, it was his survivor pick. He crashes and burns in both games. So much for the Chiefs winning the AFC West. Not if they can’t win easy ones at home. Fans get to within one game of Steven so Jeremy must be breathing a sigh of relief.


Vikings Redskins Steven 6 – Fans 4 (Week 10 fan – Steve Frey)
Since Steven and Steve Frey only differed on three games, the fans’ Steve decieded to take his chances with the Redskins over the Vikings. The Redskins races to a 14-0 lead, but the Vikings came back to take the lead. Eventually the Redskins were able to take a six point lead and hold on for the win, getting the fans back to within 2 games.


Cowboys Browns Steven 6 – Fans 3 (Week 9 fan – Marc Woods)
From the beginning Steven thought that Marc was joking when he wanted to make the Cowboys/Browns game the challenge game, but Marc was certain about the Browns chances. Marc had valid points about how Cleveland would win the game, but in the end Dalls routed the Browns 35-10.


Broncos Chargers Steven 5 – Fans 3 (Week 8 fan – Lee Sanders)
Lee Sanders was set to completed his 2 month long, 10 NFL game tour in Dallas and he jumped in to pick for the fans in Week 8. Lee and I only differed on three games, and it did not matter which game I selected for the Challenge Game as I won all 3. Denver would not be swept by San Diego. Lead over the fans back at 2.


Redskins Lions Steven 4 – Fans 3 (Week 7 fan – Derek Hanlan)
So Derek Hanlan, the Scottish Assassin, came in to put an end to Steven’s 4 game win streak. Even though he needed Reskins cornerback Josh Norman to leave the game with a concussion and needed the Lions scoring a game winning TD with less than a minute in the game, Derek claims, ee never had a doubt. Sure, buddy!!!


Cowboys Packers Steven 4 – Fans 2 (Week 6 fan – Jeremy Parker)
Jeremy Parker decided it was time to see if he could stop the bleeding and put an end to Steven’s three-game winning streak. He decided to put Steven’s team to the test again as he picked the Cowboys/Packers as the Challenge Game. Fans keep picking against Dallas & Steven keeps winning games. Four in a row for Steven who now holds a 2 game lead.


Cowboys Bengals Steven 3 – Fans 2 (Week 5 fan – Richard Graves)
Richard Graves from Sky Sports was quick to put his picks against me for Week 5 and I was shocked when he selected the Cincinnati/Dallas for the Challenge Game. Steven rode with his Cowboys and the Cowboys jumped out to a 28-0 lead and got their fourth straight win giving Steven 3 wins in a row. So much for living in the past Richard.


Raiders Ravens Steven 2 – Fans 2 (Week 4 fan – Nick Swain)
Nick came in with lots of enthusiasm to try and get the fans back on track, but with Raider Nation on his side, Steven picked the Raiders on the road to beat the aging Ravens. It went to the wire, but in the end, Derek Carr lead a perfect drive to give Steven his second win and tie the Challenge Game at 2 games apiece.


Rams Buccaneers Steven 1 – Fans 2 (Week 3 fan – Jeremy Mauss)
It was time for Steven to get back to his winning ways. Getting to pick the Challenge Game for the third consecutive week, Steven jumped at the change to pick the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams jumped out to a lead in Tampa Bay and had to endure a weather delay before putting up the victory. Steven is finally on the board.


Bills Jets Steven 0 – Fans 2 (Week 2 fan – Rico Stone)
Steven was so certain that the Bills were going to be good this season, not only did he make the Thursday Night game the challenge game, it was his lock of the week! Unfortunately for him, Rico took the Jets and Fitzpatrick and Co actually game to play. With the lose, Steven drops to 0-2 in the Challenge Game and Mr. Parker has a great starting lead.


Falcons Buccaneers Steven 0 – Fans 1 (Week 1 fan – Jeremy Parker)
New Executive Producer,Jeremy Parker is putting up his picks and his body too. Jeremy has agreed to put himself up for the fans in the Challenge Game. If Steven loses, Jeremy will inflict the punishment, but if Steven wins, he will sacrifice his body to endure the punishment. He starts off with a big win as the Bucs upset the Falcons.