2015 Challenge Game

The classic NFL Rants & Raves Challenge Game that started several years ago on the show. For a second straight year, Steven is putting his picks up against the fans every week. Each week, one lucky fan gets to put his weekly picks up against Steven’s. As always, when there are games Steven disagrees with the fans, a challenge game is selected. The loser of the previous week’s challenge game gets to select the current week’s challenge game. At the end of the year, if the fans win more Challenge Games than Steven, they will get to select a punishment that Steven will have to perform for all to see. Steven won last year (see results here). Will the fans get revenge in 2015

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Week Steven Fans Details


Panthers Cardinals Steven 10 – Fans 10 (Championship fan – Chris)

After 20 weeks of football, the Challenge Game is all tied up at 10 games a piece as Steven finally found the win column again as he won went 2-0 on Championship Weekend. He and Chris differed on both games but Steven rode Carolina to the win and now the Super Bowl will determine the winner.


Chiefs Patriots Steven 9 – Fans 10 (Divisional fan – Jeremy Parker)

After sitting on a 3 game lead, 9-6, Steven has lost 4 consecutive games as he drops another Challenge Game, this time to friend Jeremy Parker, who stuck with his guns and managed to take all the home teams. This was the only home team Steven bet against and lost. Of course it would be Patriots.


Bengals Steelers Steven 9 – Fans 9 (Wild Card fan – Lone_Star_Yorkies)

Richard Graves took all 4 road teams to win and Steven thought that was folly as that had never happened in the NFL with this current playoff format. Well, there is always a first time for everyting as all road teams lost & the Bengals fumbled away a win over the Steelers.


Jets Bills Steven 9 – Fans 8 (Week 17 fan – UnforgivenPotato)
Steven alowed Chris, the UnforgivenPotato to change his pick last minute and that came back to bite him in the butt. Steven thought the Jets would finally get their win over Rex Ryan and march into the playoffs but they just could not get it done. He wishes he would have had more faith in the Vikings.


Eagles Redskins Steven 9 – Fans 7 (Week 16 fan – GregTheBillsFan)
Steven says he hasn’t a clue why he took the Eagles over the Redskins. Maybe he was felling sorry for DeMarco Murray or something, but he was dead wrong. The Eagles are a BAD team and not sure how much longer Chip Kelly will last in the city of NOT-so-brotherly-love. Greg gets the fans closer with a big win here.


Panthers Giants Steven 9 – Fans 6 (Week 15 fan – BryanL)
Bryan had a feeling that the Giants were going to end the Panthers win streak and for the fact that they quickly fell into a 35-7 hole and OBJ lost his mind and started committing all kinds of personsal fouls, he was almost right. However, in the end, Steven is once again the Smartest Man Alive and has restored his three game lead over the fans.


Cowboys Packers Steven 8 – Fans 6 (Week 14 fan – Lone_Star_Yorkies)
Steven might have given Richard’s secret away on the show, but that did not stop Mr. Graves from picking the Packers against the Cowboys as the Challenge Game. The Cowboys made it interesting hanging around 14-7 until the defense just could not stop the running game in the end. Richard will no doubt let Steven know he has now won 3 Challenge Games this season.


Jets Giants Steven 8 – Fans 5 (Week 13 fan – dani49ersfan)
Most of the fans voted for Oakland over Kansas City for the Challenge game, and of course they would have lost that game too, but dani49ersfan took the Giants over the Jets and thought that a 10 point lead with 4 minutes to go would be enough. Of course, he forgot that it was the Giants he was talking about! Steven is now up by 3 games.


Ravens Browns Steven 7 – Fans 5 (Week 12 fan – prahaha)
Well prahaha had first made the Chiefs vs Bills the Challenge Game, but after some thought, he emailed with a change and took the Browns to win at home over the Ravens. Either way, he would not get the win as both the Chiefs and Ravens got the W for Steven as he takes a 2 game lead over the fans.


Cowboys Dolphins Steven 6 – Fans 5 (Week 11 fan – underdog0100)
Steven was willing and ready to go down with the ship. With Tony Romo back at QB, Steven felt that he could take the Cowboys and get the win. Fortunately he did not have to go down with the ship as the Cowboys held onto the 10 point lead and got the win giving Steven a one game lead over the fans.


Ravens Jaguars Steven 5 – Fans 5 (Week 10 fan – Lone_Star_Yorkies)
Yes the Jaguars won the game according to the final score, but according to the NFL office of officiating, they said that the officiating crew made a mistake by not calling false start on the Jaguars on the final play of the game which would have been a 10 second run off and ending the game instead of the facemask penalty that gave the Jags 15 yards and game winning FG.


Jaguars Jets Steven 5 – Fans 4 (Week 9 fan – ndogg)
Steven saw his three game winning streak come to an end as the fans chose wisely. Ndogg did not get his pick in, but the fans voted via email to take the Jets, and although the game was close, some bad turnovers by the Jaguars in the end gave the Jets the close win.


Seahawks Cowboys Steven 5 – Fans 3 (Week 8 fan – meangreen)
Steven takes NO joy in this win. Enough said!


Dolphins Texans Steven 4 – Fans 3 (Week 7 fan – bigsap)
It was the fans turn to pick the challenge game and Steven had no say in the matter, bigsap decieded to go with the Texans as he felt the Dolphins previous win did not prove they were ready for the bigtime. Steven rode with the Dolpins as he feld Texans have zero offense and Miami crushed Houston putting up 44 points.


Eagles Giants Steven 3 – Fans 3 (Week 6 fan – dracomjb)

Steven was challenged by Mr. Brown, and after differing on 5 games, Steven said that the Eagles would handle the Giants on Monday Night Football and although the game had tons of sloppy play by both teams, Steven won the game even though Sam Bradford tossed 3 INTs.


Ravens Browns Steven 2 – Fans 3 (Week 5 fan – Lone_Star_Yorkies)

Richard Graves from Sky Sports News was sure the Browns would beat an under-manned Ravens team. The Ravens domainated early, but let the Browns stick around and after an improbable catch by their tight end, they forced overtime. The Browns gave Richard and the fans the win in OT, sending Steven one game back.


Dolphins Jets Steven 2 – Fans 2 (Week 4 fan – Sugarlips_Jones)
Steven never heard from Sugalips, so he put it on the fans to come up with the Challenge Game via a vote. Since most fans were going to the International Series game between the Jets and Dolphins, they voted to put the Jets as the fans team. They were right as the Dolphins forgot to travel over season and lost their head coach in the process.


Raiders Browns Steven 2 – Fans 1 (Week 3 fan – Oz_Gunner)

Even with Steven egging David Bryson on to make the Cowboys/Falcons game the Challenge Game, David was not comfortable with that and he put his faith in the Browns. Steven thought the Raiders were primed to pull the upset in Cleveland and he was right. David only missed 3 games, but Steven only missed 2 in Week 3.


Falcons Giants Steven 1 – Fans 1 (Week 2 fan – Neidermeyer)

At first, Steven was going to make the Steelers vs 49ers game the Challenge Game as he felt Pittsburgh would take care of business at home, which they did. In the end, Steven felt that the Falcons would have too much offense for the Giants. Turns out, the Giants are just really good at giving up leads late in games.


Colts Bills Steven 0 – Fans 1 (Week 1 fan – GregTheBillsFan)

Although Steven has the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl, he thought they would start off the season at 0-1. Greg The Bills Fan tried to convince Steven, but in the end he just couldn’t do it. Steven tried to get Greg to make Cowboys/Giants the Challenge Game, but in the end Greg went with his Bills and proved to be right!