The guys use Tim Tebow for their personal advantage. No news here, just another chance to make sure our stuff trends well by mentioning the name Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. Get the idea? It just helps our numbers when we mention Tim Tebow on the show. You should try it with your friends, just say Tim Tebow and you will be popular.

The day after Jack Del Rio’s surprise whose up next up for their place on the hot seat? The guys evaluate nine other coaches who could be looking for employment soon. Norv Turner, Tom Coughlin, Todd Haley, Steve Spagnuolo, Mike Shanahan, Jim Caldwell, Tony Sparano, Ken Wisenhunt, and Andy Reid are among their favorites to be next shown the door.

Because you play the game, the guys preview tomorrow’s yawner that just might take the luster out of the Emerald City. Not a yawner like a Wizard of Oz Emerald City dream. But for the Seattle Seahawks there truly is no place like home. Steven insists that for the Eagles they’ve finally woken up from their “Dream Team” nightmare. Jeff calls Steven out about the promise to drop the dream talk with the Eagles and Steven decides… he lied.

Quick hits from the rest of the league find Ndamukong Suh appealing his two game suspension, Tiki Barber saving his most harsh criticism for a epic story on, and sadly, 4 time pr-bowler Chester McGlockton has passed away at 42. The long time L.A. Raider and most recently Stanford assistant has died of apparent heart failure.