The guys talk about the wild wacky west divisions in the NFL as for the first time since 2002, all 4 teams in the NFC West, (49ers, Cardinals, Rams and Seahawks), won on the same weekend. The guys bring you up to the minutes news as they discuss bad news for QBs named Matt, as Schaub may be out for the year with a foot injury and Cassel will require surgery on his hand and may be out for the year.

In picks, the guys go over the 15 games played Sunday and Steven is not happy with Mike Smith’s decision to go for it on 4th and inches from his own 29 yard line. Jeff gets that win as well as getting another Challenge Game, this time because the Browns could not successfully get a 22-yard field goal down and in for the win over the Rams. Steven is now down 6 games and is heading for losing the overall Challenge.

Finally, the guys wrap up in quick fashion as Steven apologizes for his tangents on getting Jeff to put the 49ers in the Gold Medal tier in his Powerful Rankings.