The guys take a look at the two biggest games of week 8 of the NFL. In the Patriots @ Steelers both guys point to the recent history of New England’s dominance of Pittsburgh and the inability of getting to Tom Brady. On the Sunday night game it is encouraged for anyone who lives outside North America to take a nap during the morning games so they can see, Cowboys @ Eagles. Way better than Cowboys vs. Aliens. This is a hate match where the loser likely does not make the post season. One of the more difficult games to figure, it does figure to be great!

The drama that is T.O. continues. Just days after teams did not show up for his personal workout. has released audio of an emergency phone call from earlier in October, in which an assistant to Owens told the 911 operator in Los Angeles that Owens had ingested pills, was unresponsive and might have tried to kill himself. A nearly identical situation happened 4 years ago. Who are these assistants and why do you let them say these things?

Finally, Troy Polamalu hit with a major roaming charge for using his cell phone on the sidelines. Polamalu was fined $10,000 for using his cell phone to call his wife and ease concerns she might have about his health after taking a big hit. Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “Well, I think it’s always a problem trying to have a rule that applies to everybody. Troy’s a wonderful young man and there was concern about his health and there are ways of us getting word to families when there is an injury, and to make sure they understand that the player is OK. But we also don’t want to have all our players using phones on the sidelines for texting.” Perhaps carrier pigeons would be better.