Scandal once again rocks our Nations Capital, this time of the football variety. Coming off the Dallas’ strange win on Monday night, Cowboys center, Phil Costa is either the dumbest human to ever play center in the NFL or something else is going on. The answer is apparently the latter. We have since learned more about what was happening on the field. Apparently former Cowboy and current Redskin DE, Stephen Bowen had shared the ins and outs of Tony Romo‘s cadence with his new team. Though Costa denies it was Bowen who was barking out the fake cadence, he made it obvious that someone was.

Steven questions why the Cowboys never made an adjustment when it was clear that something fishy was going on and Jeff questions Jerry Jones releasing former center Andre Gurode because of a salary impase. Steven is quick to point out that Gurode was not that much better and in another game against the Redskins a ball was snapped into an un-expecting Romo‘s facemask. Help wanted signs might be in order.

Speaking of help wanted; the Colts have gone shopping for a new back-up QB and have signed Dan “where’s the back of the end-zone” Orlovsky. The guys hope he doesn’t back-up too much (especially when he is in his own end-zone). Expect to see the Painter get his first start with Kerry Collins out with a concussion.

Our Micro-Celebrity of the day comes from Twitter asking about the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. @MattHealey asks – “do you guys think there is such a thing as the Andrew Luck sweepstakes? And if so who do you think will win it?” Steven interviews an old coach to gain some insight into this evolving situation.