Perhaps the guys have been too hard on kickers over the years. Last night’s Monday Night Football game on ESPN saw a kick fest for the record books. Cowboys rookie Dan Bailey tied a rookie record with 6 FGs to help Dallas beat Washington 18-16. Graham Gano made 3 FGs of his own in addition to having one blocked when the holder could not put the ball down. Though we didn’t start the fire, DeAngelo Hall did! But he never got near Tony Romo & got burnt on a critical 3rd & 21. Hall proceeds to criticize the blitz call and the refs after the loss. Poor form!

The biggest ego in Jets history must think he’s looking in a mirror again as Broadway Joe Namath has called out head coach, Rex Ryan saying “there’s one thing about the athlete: You keep telling him how good he is, he’s going to start believing it to the point that he may not be preparing quite the way he should. He may be losing some respect for the other team.” Jeff asks Joe to shut-up until Ryan fails to get the Jets to the Conference Championship game.

Tony Sparano is feeling the heat in South Beach. With Miami having dropped 6 games in a row dating back to the final 3 games of last season. It is getting hot under the collar. Owner, Stephen Ross has said that Sparano’s job is safe… for this week. The Washington Post puts it best, “Problems range from penalties, a feeble pass rush and red zone inefficiency to mangled syntax.” Chad Henne said after the game. “I know one thing about these guys: They’re not going to stop quitting.” You can bet the guys had fun with that gaff.

Finally, The New York / New Jersey Superbowl committee has released the Super Cold Bowl 48 logo and it looks cool. Like really cool. Like downright cold. Go have a peak.