The Dream Team takes awakens to a new reality this morning. After looking terrific in nearly all facets of last nights game agains the Flacons, the Eagles saw their 10 point lead disappear when Mike “Freaking” Kafka had to come in for an injured Michael Vick. Once it became necessary to throw the football, momentum put on a Falcons jersey an never looked back. The 35-31 loss on Sunday Night Football and more importantly the concussion to dream-maker Michael Vick are considered.

Ship all banged-up required a flotilla this weekend so the guys look at the 12 most important players to go down. Along with Vick are, Jamaal Charles with a torn ACL, Brandon Lloyd with a groin injury, the Cowboys see four guys go down including Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant. Aaron Hernandez leads the next group that includes, DeSean Jackson, Knowshon Moreno, Malcolm Floyd, Ben Roethlisberger, and Braylon Edwards.

Finally the guys play lightning round with Pretenders or Contenders featuring the 2-0 teams and the 0-2 teams. On the 2-0 side of the ledger Jeff looks at the Patriots, Jets, Bills, Texans, Redskins, Lions, and Packers with mixed results. While Steven takes the 0-2 Seahawks, Panthers, Vikings, Chiefs, Colts, Dolphins and finds them all wanting.