With week one now in the books, the guys look back to Monday night football where some great moments took place. Tom Brady ate Dolphin for dinner throwing for 517 yards on the divisional rival. For those who hate on Tom Terrific, he did throw an interception on a busted play.

Some Broncos fans behaved boorishly as the game against the hated Raiders was slipping away. Chants of Tebow could be heard while Kyle Orton was out doing everything he could in the torrents of rain to rally the team back. Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski tied an NFL record in the thin air of Denver by booting a 63-yard FG. While Sea-bass was a happy guy, Jaws was not. By letting an expletive slip on a national broadcast, Ron Jawarski finds himself in a little hot water the morning after.

Finally the guys give some haunting observations about the NFC Worst after watching week 1’s games. It seems very likely that no team in this division will have a winning record again. Say it isn’t so!