The Philadelphia Eagles make a bold move to lock up their man. Michael Vick signs a 6 year, $100 million contract with $36M guara. Jeff thinks this is a good move for a team desperate to go all the way in a market flooded with inadequate quarterbacks. Steven think it is too risky. Hopefully he turns into the Bionic Man.

Speaking of locking up their man. The state of Texas has reached an agreement with Bengals running back Cedric Benson on his surrender to authorities (October 17) and time he will spend incarcerated for his off-season assaults on two different men. How many games will he miss and how will it hurt the Bengals chances this season? The guys discuss.

In a feel good story, Panthers new tight-end Jeremy Shockey came to the aid of a teammate who was choking and lent a hand (to the back). Finally, the Jets/Giants game on Monday night left many feeling bored, while Steven and Jeff think it shows more. Most importantly, that we are ready for meaningful games.