Colts, Pro Bowl wide-receiver Reggie Wayne is not happy with the proposed changes at quarterback. In the event that Peyton Manning is not ready for week one, management has made a QB move and signed retired Kerry Collins. Wayne says that their offense is too complex to bring someone new in. Steven agrees and Jeff disagrees.

Our Micro-Celebrity of the day, Tom Wark wants to know, “Given it’s apparent unpopularity with both fans & commentators, what do you see as the future for the new kickoff rule?” Our answer is consistent with the results of our first listener poll. Folks are none too happy with the change.

Finally a Chris Johnson update. After both sides FINALLY met together yesterday in Nashville, Titians General Manager Mike Reinfeldt had confusing things to say about the meeting. Steven says give the man his money while Jeff thinks it is dangerous precedent to give players with multiple years left on their contracts new money.