The guys go over the 20 – 7 loss to the San Diego Chargers this past weekend and agree the boys need to eliminate turn-overs and the secondary must improve if the Cowboys expect to be able to run the blitz happy defense Rob Ryan loves to run.

Orlando Scandrick signs a 5 year extension with the team giving him $10 million guaranteed. Steven and Jeff talk about how Felix Jones is having a great camp and looks ready carry the load rushing for 56 yards on 7 carries including a 22 yard run against the Chargers. They also discuss the Cowboys new additions to the Ring of Honor, Drew Pearson, Charles Haley and Larry Allen.

Finally, the Cowboys head to Minnesota and get to go against McNabb, again! The guys hope the Cowboys will find out about their young offensive line and show is going to grab that third WR spot, Kevin Olgetree, rookie Dwayne Harris or will Jerry Jones be forced to go out and bring in a veteran WR.