The buddies talk to you about players that are Free Falling in fantasy football. Steven says Sidney Rice will have a problem in Seattle where wide receivers go to die. Other falling players include Dolphins RB Daniel Thomas, Bengals rookie WR A.J. Green and most running backs named Ryan; Ryan Williams, Ryan Matthews, Ryan Torrain and possibly Ryan Grant.

In Fantasy Football for James the guys discuss value drafting and the average draft position. They explain that you should know the market for a player before your draft to ensure you do not draft the player too high or wait too long to pick him up.

Finally, since it is draft weekend for most fantasy football leagues, Steven and Jeff talk about “Players we have the hots for,” including quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez, running backs Ben Tate and Tim Hightower, wide receivers Plaxico Burress and Jacoby Ford and tight end Heath Miller.