In the GoldMIne, the guys discuss the possibility of Daunte Culpepper joining the 49ers. Jeff thinks it may be a blessing for Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, but Steven says it’s more like “Danger Will Robinson!”

The guys also discuss what we learned from first preseason game vs. New Orleans Saints. They agree that the offensive line needs to play better or will not matter who is in at QB. Jeff calls out LT Joe Staley and Steven feels that if Singletary were still the coach, he would thank Saints Defensive Coordinator, Greg Williams for doing the team a favor.

The bright spot in the game was Kicker David Akers as his 59-yard FG just before halftime was the 49ers only points of the game and he will be a welcomed addition as well as the 1st string defense looking pretty good.

Finally WR Michael Crabtree is out of his walking boot, but although Crabtree is walking without a limp, he maintains that he will not talk to the media until he is healthy.