Week 10 provided plenty of “Weirdness in the West”, as for the first time since the NFL realigned the divisions, every team in the NFC West won their game on the same weekend. And in the AFC West, the Raiders beat the Chargers & the Broncos defeated the Chiefs even though Tim Tebow only completed two passes.

Speaking of Tim Tebow, he finds a way to win again in spite of all of us or to spite all of us, the guys are not sure which one it is. Steven asks that we say the TEAM is winning and that it is in spite of Tim Tebow and not at all because of Tebow. Jeff feels that we will just have to measure Tim Tebow by a different set of standards.

The regular MRI Monday list is long and includes some huge names, including rookies A.J. Green and Julio Jones. Both Broncos RBs, Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno, two Seattle WRs with concussions, Doug Baldwin and Sidney Rice, and Eagles QB Michael Vick with two broken ribs.

Finally the guys end the longest 5 Minute Football Fix with “The Dumb Things NFL Players Say”. This week, it’s Dolphins LB Karlos Dandsby saying he is the best linebacker in the NFL and the Redskins Brian Orakpo saying all the other teams know they are going to win against the Redskins.