The blows keep coming to the Philadelphia Eagles and this time from a very unexpected source. Last week’s defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers has left a bitter taste thanks to the usually quiet Frank Gore. He told ESPN, “I think playing that second half and the way we came out, the Eagles didn’t want to play no more. We just kept pounding and kept pounding and making plays and we kind of knocked the fight out of them.” OUCH! The guys agree that’s what they observed from last Sunday’s game and wonder how those Mighty Eagles will fight back.

The Broadway Joe Show refuses to end its 40+ year run in New York. While the guys think his mouth might be better used trying to kiss Suzie Kolber again. Jeff wants to know: what exactly gives Joe Namath the role of New York Jets spokesman emeritus? His career was much more style than substance and his Super Bowl win was 42 YEARS AGO! Sure he had the braggadocio to guarantee a win. Fortunately he had TEAMMATES (who are much quieter) who cashed the big check his mouth wrote. The numbers from his magical season: 42% completion and more picks than TDs. Maybe Joe is scared that he is looking in a mirror

Terrell Owens has come out with a real big announcement (at least for him… it is supposed). Owens has declared that he will be ready to come back to play in one month. The guys suggest he instead announce this to his agent and have his agent announce it to the 32 clubs who might (might) want to have a look at the aging and oft injured wide receiver.

If your team is 0-4, the guys get you ready for the weekend with some happy thoughts. The Vikings, Dolphins, Colts, and Rams are all getting the best thing the guys can think of to hold your heads up high and have an extra pep in your step. Have a great weekend.