While we might have guessed the Packers, who would have guessed that the other undefeated team out of the NFC north would be the Detroit Lions?!? Steven finally restores the Lions “roar.” On the opposite side of undefeated is the over-defeated teams: fellow NFC north team the Vikings, the Rams, and the Dolphins. The Colts still have to play tonight before they can join the motley crew that has started 2011 at 0-4.

Eagles and Cowboys second-half meltdowns are looked at more closely. Philadelphia starts up 23-3 only to lose to the Niners 24-23. Dallas was up comfortably 27-3 before going on to lose in historic fashion 34-30 to the aforementioned Lions.

What if they had a Super Bowl halftime act and nobody showed up? At least in Rants & Raves land, EVERYONE wants to tell Madonna we’re not crazy for you.” Don’t cry for her Argentina,” Steven will not be the Papa who don’t preach to the Material Girl. He’d go on holiday with her.

Packers have a Good Ole Boy who is already suspended by the league. Now doubling down on his suspension is the big man, Johnny Jolly. Possession of compound containing codeine and trying to conceal it will remove any remaining hope that he could once again play in the NFL.

MRI Monday has some VIPs going in the grinding imaging machine: Ben Roelithsberger, Andre Johnson hamstring, Rashard Mendenhall, Chad Henne, Trent Cole, Gerald Sensabaugh, Vincent Jackson, and Mike Williams suffered concussion