Bengals indecisive running-back Cedric Benson has decided that he would like to begin serving his jail time immediately. Despite the distractions to his teammates and the virtual certainty that he will now miss a regular season game, Benson has moved his incarceration time table forward by 6 weeks.

With the 2011 season set to kick-off in one week, the NFL has announced the pre-game talent for the event at Lambeau Field. Kid Rock will be joined by, Lady Antebellum, and Maroon 5 as the bands set to preform just prior to the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers game on September 8.

The guys peer into their crystal ball to predict whom the Leagues next 100 million dollar man will be and come up with a popular and logical choice, Saints QB, Drew Brees. Despite having a funny last name, he does so much for the league, community, and team that this is a no-brainer given his contract situation as a pending free agent.

Finally on Twitter Talk, Chris Johnson has some choice (and obscene) words for those who want him to get back to work. In one of Jeff’s classic pet peeves, Chris insists that he “could care less” if people find him to be greedy. Message to Chris, if you could care less then please do. The phrase is “couldn’t care less.”