The guys come back with one of the fastest shows in a very long time as there is only enough time for a quick preview. Friend of the show, NFL BMOC East Coast Jason La Canfora joins the guys to talk about playoff seedings, playoff races and the status of Aaron Rodgers. Plus Jason shares his passion for the Leeds and the other football.

The guys talk about some NFL News, including the Browns Eric Mangini stated the Colt McCoy would be the starter for the rest of the season, Chad Ochocinco getting his foot X-rayed and why are people still calling the Metrodome, the Metrodome when it is now called the Mall of America Field?

Jeff and Steven once again disagree on a large number of games. This week’s guest pickers is Steven’s lovely wife, Tricia who has been doing a great job of picking games this season. Steven makes the Eagles vs Giants game the Challenge game as Steven takes Philadelphia while Jeff takes New York.

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